2.06 - Logging and Error Handling - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

Teradata QueryGrid
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September 2018
English (United States)
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Using the QueryGrid Portlet to View Issues

The Issues view in the QueryGrid portlet allows you to review possible problems with Teradata QueryGrid. Some of these issues might require you to take action. The following types of issues are reported:

  • Teradata QueryGrid component has gone offline.
  • Teradata QueryGrid Manager has failed.
  • Teradata QueryGrid Manager backup failed.
  • Teradata QueryGrid Manager is running out of disk space.
  • One or more Teradata QueryGrid Managers are running different versions of the Teradata QueryGrid Manager package.
  • One or more nodes on the system are missing the connector package.
  • System time is incorrect on a node or a Teradata QueryGrid Manager.
  • Fabric unexpectedly restarted.
  • Driver unexpectedly restarted.
  • Connector is missing a link.
  • Network configuration of link has failed to match network address on nodes.

Each condition has an associated severity, either critical or warning.

To view issues history from the QueryGrid portlet, see Viewing Issues History.

Teradata QueryGrid Portlet Logging Settings

You can set the log data retention and query data retention times in the QueryGrid portlet. See Editing Manager Settings.

Enable Logging Connector Property

There are two ways to enable logging, globally for the entire connector or link (as described here), or for a specific user specific to a link (as described in Adding a Link and Editing a Link). The latter option is the preferred option to limit the number of logs generated to only a single user. Increased logging requires increased CPU, IO, and network utilization and can affect the performance of the system and queries. So, enabling logging for a single user when troubleshooting a problem is better than enabling it for all users.

You can enable global logging by setting the Enable Logging connector property. The property can be set to various debug levels. The default is None for the connectors and can be overridden at the connector or the link level. The available debug levels are None, Warn, Info, Debug, or Verbose. Once set, this property is utilized for the entire query and carried forth to the target connector. This setting applies to both the initiating and target connector; however, the logging level for the initiator connector in the link takes precedence if they are set differently. See the Enable Logging property in Teradata Connector and Link Properties.