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Teradata QueryGrid
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August 2021
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English (United States)

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following improvements:
Improvement Description
QUERYGRID-7528 QGM: Disk space low message should include location of QGM data directory
QUERYGRID-13659 Spark Connector: Improve error message when using Spark Thrift Server on distributions where it is not supported
QUERYGRID-14140 QGM: Create different low disk space alerts for warning vs. critical
QUERYGRID-14174 QGM: Add hostname for TVI alerts
QUERYGRID-15346 Node: Add JDK 11 environment variables to
QUERYGRID-15452 QGM: Support for new CMIC port
QUERYGRID-15482 Teradata Connector: Allow DBC user to create foreign service with INVOKER authorization
QUERYGRID-15545 Node: Additional check to avoid starting several tdqg-node processes
QUERYGRID-15563 Hive Connector: Remove default value for tez.grouping.split-count if not set explicitly
QUERYGRID-15680 QGM: Relax the requirement to have no characters repeated more than 3 times in QGM password
QUERYGRID-15760 Node: Two IPs configured for a single Interface for any node causes config updates every minute
QUERYGRID-15954 QGM: Honor autoNodeDelete and autoNodeDeleteMinutes parameters during register-system REST API call