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Teradata QueryGrid
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August 2021
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English (United States)

Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata QueryGrid, including related documentation.

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:

Issue Description
QUERYGRID-16325 Teradata Connector: T2X import causes SEGV crash in certain scenarios where the result has multiple buffers
QUERYGRID-16564 Presto Connector: T2P queries failing due to LDAP password containing special characters

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-15295 Oracle Connector: Creating Varray datatype on oracle using keyword 'IS' instead of 'AS' throws 'unsupported' error
QUERYGRID-15443 Fabric: Link diagnostic check does not display node with error
QUERYGRID-15518 QGM: Status of HELP queries is reported as UNKNOWN
QUERYGRID-15669 Fabric: Unable to change log level at runtime
QUERYGRID-15678 Spark Connector: CREATE FOREIGN SERVER for Kerberized Spark fails with "Could not open client transport with JDBC Uri: : GSS initiate failed"
QUERYGRID-15687 Hive Connector: Diagnostic check fails with null user error when Authentication Mechanism is Trusted Kerberos
QUERYGRID-15956 Hive Connector: Knox trust store password is not masked in hive_rc.log
QUERYGRID-15974 QGM: Cassandra experienced intermittent failures when running with JDK 11
QUERYGRID-15992 Node: tdqg-node process causes config updates when host has multiple aliases that only differ by case
QUERYGRID-16017 Hive Connector: T2H queries fail when selecting empty row on array of struct type column from parquet table
QUERYGRID-16026 Fabric: Release session requests are not sent to the other driver nodes