2.07 - Resolved Issues - Teradata QueryGrid

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Teradata QueryGrid
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February 2019
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English (United States)

Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata QueryGrid, including related documentation.

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Key Summary
QUERYGRID-9776 T2P: Initial import EXPLAIN query fails after Presto is restarted
QUERYGRID-9827 Existing nodes or Viewpoint not able to connect to new member of QGM cluster added with join token method
QUERYGRID-9872 T2X: RTO query with delayed fetch causes Segmentation Violation
QUERYGRID-9879 JDBC jars are loaded for each user which can result in memory leak
QUERYGRID-9910 T2H: SQL with COALESCE (col1, '') on VARCHAR data type fails
QUERYGRID-9968 P2T: Import result mismatch with date before 1900 and less than operator
QUERYGRID-9990 QGM: tdqgm stop command fails to shut down QGM
Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Key Summary
QUERYGRID-9678 Presto: Password printed in cleartext in log
QUERYGRID-9679 T2O: insert query sometimes inserts 0 rows
QUERYGRID-9712 QGM fails to honor join token if it contains a "+" sign in a token while peer QGM attempts to join in QGM cluster
QUERYGRID-9742 Support bundle logs.txt has an array with empty string as items
Teradata QueryGrid 02.07 consists of the following resolved issues:
Key Summary
QUERYGRID-7762 Successful queries reported as Unknown in Viewpoint
QUERYGRID-7982 X2S: RTO DelayedFetch does not work with Spark 2.2
QUERYGRID-8867 Fabric: QGCExportTask crash on target node when running import queries
QUERYGRID-8878 T2P/T2H/T2S/T2O: Integer data is missing after export with 512MB CLOB data
QUERYGRID-8907 Fabric: QueryMetric incorrectly shows a finished query metric with 0 bytes data transferred
QUERYGRID-8971 Bridge: bandwidth test in bridge link leaves sockets in CLOSE_WAIT on sending nodes
QUERYGRID-8980 T2H: UDT Array type: Export clause query fails when local table includes array data type
QUERYGRID-9086 T2S: export clause with geometry, json, and xml types reported as not support by remote connector
QUERYGRID-9099 Teradata: memory depletion on Teradata actmain process running high volume of queries
QUERYGRID-9155 Fabric: Single bridge with compression on initiator and no compression on target cause "9124 Segmentation Violation in AMP"
QUERYGRID-9168 QGM: fails to replace existing logback.xml file with new changes upon package install
QUERYGRID-9180 SDK is missing driver jars
QUERYGRID-9198 QGM: Issues and Connector properties are not translated into Chinese
QUERYGRID-9221 H2T: import query fails if date/timestamp keyword is used in where clause
QUERYGRID-9285 Oracle: Response Timeout property is not honored
QUERYGRID-9324 QGM: Connector Diagnostic Check: No original value found for redacted field "authPassword"
QUERYGRID-9348 Fabric: Connection Open Timeout property is not honored correctly when transfer concurrency is greater than 1
QUERYGRID-9349 Fabric: QGLExportTask thread consumes high cpu while waiting for final commit
QUERYGRID-9360 T2O: ORA-31603 error while exporting Array of VARCHAR
QUERYGRID-9394 T2P: insert empty array value inserts array with empty string
QUERYGRID-9441 T2{P,H,S}: insert array with empty string throws exception
QUERYGRID-9445 Fabric: WatchDog double pushes driver log files when activating pending/previous version of fabric
QUERYGRID-9448 Fabric and Driver processes forked by WatchDog hold stale log file handles
QUERYGRID-9450 X2H: Temporary Database Name property is not honored
QUERYGRID-9455 Hive/Spark: Temporary tables not dropped if query fails during metadata phase - ExplainSelectWithUniqueInsert
QUERYGRID-9477 Fabric: Segmentation Fault when query failed after an internal exception
QUERYGRID-9498 Bridge: bandwidth test over bridge link fails: socket write failed with state 0 when trying to send 16 bytes
QUERYGRID-9504 S2T: Write timeout on target is not honored
QUERYGRID-9580 Support archive tool reports "files failed to read"
QUERYGRID-9584 T2O: SELECT from VARRAY of NVARCHAR2 data type returns no rows
QUERYGRID-9610 T2O: SELECT from VARRAY of NULLs throws NullPointerException
QUERYGRID-9629 Hive target connector may give incorrect application IDs in concurrent environment
QUERYGRID-9645 T2P: HELP queries fail when default string size is an odd number
QUERYGRID-9646 T2O: operation did not roll back when an export query fails or is aborted