2.10 - Improvements - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Release Definition

Teradata QueryGrid
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January 31, 2020
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Release Notes
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English (United States)
Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following improvements:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-12154 Presto Connector: New TimestampTimezone connector property to convert timestamp value into specified timezone
QUERYGRID-12144 Fabric: Support hostnames with capital letters
Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following improvements:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-9185 QGM: Add support for customer signed certificates to port 9443
QUERYGRID-10329 Oracle Connector: Character set other than Latin and UTF-16 now returns an error
QUERYGRID-10408 QGM: Create a Support-Archive REST endpoint
QUERYGRID-10581 Spark Connector: Number of Executors property is no longer a required property
QUERYGRID-10785 Connectors: Basic connector properties are now required for all connectors
QUERYGRID-10944 Fabric/node: Installed files and directories should not be writable by non-privileged group
QUERYGRID-11059 QGM: Remove fabric system properties when a system is deleted
QUERYGRID-11109 QGM: Update Connector POST and PUT documentation with details of connector properties
QUERYGRID-11202 QGM: Remove inaccessible managers from ElasticSearch Cross Cluster configuration
QUERYGRID-11304 Oracle Connector: Oracle FLOAT data type is now mapped to Teradata NUMBER data type
QUERYGRID-11308 QGM: Logs now use GMT time zone in log messages
QUERYGRID-11442 QGM: Configuration included in all support archives and support archive now has a configuration only option
QUERYGRID-11520 Fabric: Socket KEEPALIVE system property is enabled by default