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Teradata QueryGrid
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January 31, 2020
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English (United States)

Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata QueryGrid, including related documentation.

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-12568 Fabric: queries fail at end of data transfer with "Remove closed socket before EOF" error.

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Key Release Note Description
QUERYGRID-12513 Fabric: QueryGrid queries fail when the size of the initiating system is very large (1000+ nodes)
QUERYGRID-12505 Presto Connector: 'Timestamp Timezone' property is not working on Presto 312t
QUERYGRID-12482 Node: Permissions of qgc logs after restart make it impossible for connector to write logs
QUERYGRID-12309 Teradata Connector: SQL Engine failed to release the transaction lock on the table into which the stats are inserted
QUERYGRID-12179 Fabric: QGLMain goes into a busy CPU spin when socket poll returns socket with no data
QUERYGRID-12169 Fabric: Shared memory files are not removed when a query is unresponsive due to missing final commit message
QUERYGRID-12030 Node: Default permission to read/write log directories/files not given to `tdqg` user
QUERYGRID-11482 QGM: Post backup step failure prevented cleanup of local backup files

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-9920 Teradata: importing CLOB data with invalid unicode characters does not return unsupported unicode character error
QUERYGRID-10404 Oracle Connector: Improve EXPORT performance for BYTE, CHAR and JSON data types
QUERYGRID-10874 H2T: EXPORT failure message for UDT GEOSPATIAL should have more details
QUERYGRID-10890 Hive Connector: SELECT FOREIGN TABLE query fails when using uppercase LIMIT in query text
QUERYGRID-10891 Fabric: Error response during low shared memory conditions does not reflect true error condition
QUERYGRID-10893 H2T/S2T: Session override is not applied to the configuration if the property doesn't already have a value set
QUERYGRID-10894 Spark Connector: Spark Thrift SSL not treating truststore parameters as optional
QUERYGRID-11012 QGM: adding a new node to the system in QueryGrid portlet is failing with error(Unmatched closing ‘)’ near index4 3w)!C)5Xf^) when the root password has certain special characters in the root password
QUERYGRID-11014 QGM: system health check does not complete
QUERYGRID-11018 T2H: INSERT into map<bigint,bigint> fails when value in the pair is outside integer range
QUERYGRID-11020 In some cases, error message returned to end user lacks information about cause of error. No workaround. If you need additional information, contact Teradata Customer support to retrieve support bundle for failed query.
QUERYGRID-11053 QGM: Boot did not recover after ElasticSearch was OOM killed by kernel
QUERYGRID-11151 Teradata Connector: New push profiles are not getting installed during upgrade and affects RTO queries
QUERYGRID-11153 S2T: Spark session "maxPartitionBytes" is being altered after running S2T query
QUERYGRID-11223 T2H: EXPLAIN INSERT with invalid column gets ParseException from Hive
QUERYGRID-11281 X2T: IMPORT with ARRAY column failed with "Schema mismatch"
QUERYGRID-11402 Hive Connector: error code 50136 has multiple associated error messages
QUERYGRID-11403 QGM: unsupported issues request caused NullPointerException
QUERYGRID-11405 T2O : SELECT query is failing with syntax error when 'SUBSTRING' used in the predicate
QUERYGRID-11482 QGM: Post backup step failure prevented cleanup of local backup files
QUERYGRID-11488 Fabric: crash at QueryShmTableEntry::setState
QUERYGRID-11632 QGM: join-cluster.sh did not wait long enough for Cassandra to start
QUERYGRID-11663 Fabric: crash at QGLExportTask::ExceptionCleanup
QUERYGRID-11666 QGM: driver restart triggers configuration update which can cause query failures
QUERYGRID-11700 H2T: Predicate on VARCHAR column is not getting pushed to the remote when using HDP 3.x