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Teradata QueryGrid
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July 2020
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English (United States)

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following improvements:
Improvement Description
QUERYGRID-10147 QGM: Add additional information to support-bundle help output
QUERYGRID-10148 QGM: Provide audit log separate from applications logs
QUERYGRID-10162 QGM: Raise MANAGER_WRONG_TIME alert when the drift between managers is ~40secs
QUERYGRID-10897 QGM: fails to parse arguments when passed through -c option
QUERYGRID-11176 TD Connector: Improve ExecuteForeignSQL Error Message for Foreign Servers with Wrong DO IMPORT WITH
QUERYGRID-11177 TD Connector: Remove warning from ExecuteForeignSQL in success cases
QUERYGRID-11201 Hive/Spark Connector: Log warning for JAR version mismatch
QUERYGRID-11203 QGM: Periodic Jobs should not queue up if a job is long running
QUERYGRID-11828 QGM: Truncate issues table if repeated queries to the table timeout
QUERYGRID-12062 QGM: Copy daily backup files of QG configuration to remote storage
QUERYGRID-12184 Connectors: Split column metadata log messages into multiple lines when it is too long
QUERYGRID-12340 QGM: Improve error message when QGM backup file is not under a directory owned by tdqgm
QUERYGRID-12356 QGM: Preserve VIP configuration across NFR by creating REST API for persisting virtual IP information
QUERYGRID-12424 Fabric: Eliminate any interruptions in queries due to DOS attacks from invalid clients
QUERYGRID-12468 QGM: Include persisted VIP info in config and get node API calls
QUERYGRID-12471 QGM: Create command line tool to manage virtual IPs associated with nodes
QUERYGRID-12552 QGM: When using with '-f <filename>' option, add 'zip' file format extension to the specified <filename>
QUERYGRID-12555 QGM: REST API improvements to enable filtering by Name or Hostname
QUERYGRID-12623 QGM: Do not display cache query logs for NodeVirtualIPs
QUERYGRID-12651 QGM: Add tdqg-node start time to /api/nodes?extraInfo=true output
QUERYGRID-12759 QGM: Include alert history in Diagnostic Data Bundles
QUERYGRID-12762 QGM: Repeat sending TVI alerts if an issue still persists
QUERYGRID-12794 Fabric: Address performance issue with multiple network interfaces setup
QUERYGRID-12850 QG Deployment Service: Preserve format of tdqg-node.json
QUERYGRID-12902 QGM: Make manage-virtual-ips command return to operation menu when an operation is done
QUERYGRID-12969 QGM: Include tdqg-node version in config.txt in support bundle