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Teradata QueryGrid
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March 2020
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Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata QueryGrid, including related documentation.

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-12988 Node: Log sender field has a wrong value for the connector log entries
QUERYGRID-12986 Teradata Connector: datatype period(timestamp) is causing dbs restarts due to conversion of data
QUERYGRID-12976 Node: Unrestricted File Upload via Zip Slip
QUERYGRID-12973 Hive Connector: H2T metadata phase not cleaning up shared memory files
QUERYGRID-12913 QGM: /etc/init.d/tdqgm is writeable by tdqgm user
QUERYGRID-12909 QGM: Unrestricted File Upload via Zip Slip
QUERYGRID-12907 Teradata Connector: Error of 'Row size overflow' is thrown on TD15.10_Oracle12.1 with charset utf8
QUERYGRID-12896 QGM: System hostname containing invalid domain name characters breaks ElasticSearch cross cluster search and causes nodes to be reported as offline

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-12624 QGM exception during migrate using backup file from newer QGM

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-12771 Node: Proxy connections hang if one of multiple QGM clusters is offline
QUERYGRID-12568 Fabric: queries fail at end of data transfer with "remote closed the socket before EOF" error

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-12510 Fabric: An RTO query involving multiple Metadata requests using same query UUID causes a race-condition in fabric
QUERYGRID-12472 Hive Connector: T2H export fails if "EXTENDED" is in the table name
QUERYGRID-12418 Teradata Connector: No logs are written in logfiles and query is very slow and amp seems hung
QUERYGRID-12348 QGM: REST API /config/systems: Empty string or null shouldn't be allowed for softwareVersion
QUERYGRID-12310 Fabric: Heartbeat failed after setting QGM public address to invalid address and didn't recover after switching back to valid address
QUERYGRID-12294 Node: QGLWatchDog crash or unresponsive after network change
QUERYGRID-12292 Hive Connector: 'Hadoop Library Path' changes do not take effect promptly
QUERYGRID-12268 Teradata Connector: InstallConnector tries to drop install user and profile even if they are not created
QUERYGRID-12212 Hive Connector: Truststore password should be optional
QUERYGRID-12121 Teradata Connector: Query_band cannot be parsed by MLE when profile includes a query_band
QUERYGRID-12026 QGM: REST API requests initiated for bulk delete of nodes through swagger does not reach QGM
QUERYGRID-11906 Teradata Connector: Failure 7487 AMP step failure for select query when replace unsupported character used
QUERYGRID-11835 Teradata Connector: For X2T, multiple driver system throws an error object does not exists, when multiple execute steps are involved
QUERYGRID-11531 Node: Change of IP address for data node doesn't get reflected in QGM configuration
QUERYGRID-11088 Teradata Connector: For T2X, HELP foreign table fails with reading data from indic buffer error