16.20 - Changes and Additions - Teradata R Package

Teradata® R Package User Guide

Teradata R Package
Release Number
February 2020
English (United States)
Last Update
The table lists changes and additions in this release of the Teradata R Package User Guide.
Date Release Description
February 2020 No changes to this User Guide.
January 2020 Added info regarding tdplyr support for RStudio Connections available in RStudio 1.1 and later.
August 2019
  • Added Key Feature Additions and Changes table in the Introduction section to reflect changes in the software package;
  • Updated installation procedure with the introduction of Teradata SQL Driver for R;
  • Added Usage Notes covering configuration options;
  • Added examples for using dbplot package with tdplyr package;
  • Updated Limitations and Considerations;
  • Updated Data Type Mapping with the introduction of Teradata SQL Driver for R;
  • Teradata ODBC Driver is deprecated, see Connecting to Vantage with Teradata ODBC Driver.
December 2018
  • All analytic functions now have engine suffix in the name indicating the locations where the functions are executed;
  • New analytic functions;
  • New examples.
September 2018 Initial release.