16.20 - Installing unixODBC Driver Manager Libraries - Teradata R Package

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February 2020
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The Teradata ODBC driver for macOS needs driver manager libraries to function properly. These are provided by the unixODBC package.

Use the open source software package management system Homebrew to install the unixODBC on macOS.

  1. Follow the instructions on https://brew.sh to install the open source software package management system Homebrew, if it is not already installed on the macOS.
  2. Install the unixODBC using the Homebrew tool.
    brew install unixODBC
  3. Run the following command to make sure unixODBC is installed.
    odbcinst -j
    Note the file name specified by USER DATA SOURCES in the system output. For example:


  4. Use the following command to create a symbolic link between the file /Library/ODBC/odbc.ini, in which the DSN was added in the section Installing Teradata ODBC on macOS, and the file specified by the unixODBC USER DATA SOURCES in Step 3.
    ln -s /Library/ODBC/odbc.ini <odbc.ini_file_in_the_output_of_Step3>
    You only need to run this step once. No repetition is needed if you remove or define additional DSN at a later time.