Data Type Mapping between Advanced SQL Engine , ODBC Driver, tdplyr tibble, and R - 16.20 - Data Type Mapping between Advanced SQL Engine, ODBC Driver, tdplyr tibble, and R - Teradata R Package

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Teradata R Package
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February 2020
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This table lists the data type mapping between Advanced SQL Engine, ODBC driver, tdplyr tibble, and R.

Advanced SQL Engine Data Type ODBC Driver tdplyr tibble R Notes
INTEGER 4 int integer  
BIGINT -5 bigint double  
BYTEINT -6 byteint integer  
DECIMAL(p,q) / NUMERIC 3 decimal numeric Defaults to DECIMAL(5,0), when p and q are not specified.
NUMBER(p,q) 3 decimal numeric  
DOUBLE_PRECISION 6 float double  
FLOAT 6 float double  
REAL 6 float double  
SMALLINT 5 smallint integer  
DATE 91 date date  
TIME 92 time difftime  
TIME_WITH_TIME_ZONE 92 time difftime TIME ZONE is discarded in the R data frame.
TIMESTAMP 93 timestamp POSIXct  
TIMESTAMP_WITH_TIME_ ZONE 93 timestamp POSIXct TIME ZONE is discarded in the R data frame.
INTERVAL_YEAR 101 interval_year character  
INTERVAL_MONTH 102 interval_month character  
INTERVAL_DAY 103 interval_day character  
INTERVAL_HOUR 104 interval_hour character  
INTERVAL_MINUTE 105 interval_minute character  
INTERVAL_SECOND 106 interval_second character  
INTERVAL_YEAR_TO_MONTH 107 interval_year_to_month character  
INTERVAL_DAY_TO_HOUR 108 interval_day_to_hour character  
INTERVAL_DAY_TO_MINUTE 109 interval_day_to_minute character  
INTERVAL_DAY_TO_SECOND 110 interval_day_to_second character  
INTERVAL_HOUR_TO_MINUTE 111 interval_hour_to_minute character  
INTERVAL_HOUR_TO_SECOND 112 interval_hour_to_second character  
INTERVAL_MINUTE_TO_SECOND 113 interval_minute_to_second character  
PERIOD_DATE -1049 period_date character  
PERIOD_TIME -1048 period_time character  
PERIOD_TIME_WITH_TIME_ ZONE -1047 period_time_with_time_zone character  
PERIOD_TIMESTAMP -1046 period_timestamp character  
PERIOD_TIMESTAMP_WITH_TIME_ZONE -1045 period_timestamp_with_time_zone character  
CHAR 1 char character  
VARCHAR 12 varchar character  
LONG_VARCHAR 12 varcha character  
BYTE -2 byte raw  
VARBYTE -3 varbyte blob  
BLOB -4 blob blob  
CLOB -1 varchar character  
JSON -1 varchar character  
XML 18003 xml character