Key Feature Additions and Changes | Teradata R Package - 16.20 - Key Feature Additions and Changes - Teradata R Package

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Teradata R Package
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February 2020
English (United States)
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The following table lists the key feature additions and changes in the Teradata R Package, tdplyr.

Date Release Description
February 2020 Vantage 1.1 Machine Learning Engine Analytic Functions compatibility updates.
January 2020
  • Faster data loading using FastLoad feature;
  • New Analytic Functions (MLE Text Analytics);
  • New time series aggregate operations;
  • Support for RStudio Connections available in RStudio 1.1 and later;
  • Improved performance when using output of analytic functions as input to dplyr verbs or copy_to.
August 2019
  • Vantage 1.1 compatibility updates;
  • New arguments to several analytic functions matching Vantage 1.1.
July 2019
  • tdplyr Github page;
  • Support for Teradata SQL Driver for R;
  • Seamless tdplyr installation using Rscript;
  • Case handling of Vantage column names;
  • New Vantage analytic functions;
  • Support for additional Teradata logon mechanisms;
  • dbplot compatibility.
December 2018
  • All analytic functions now have engine suffix in the name, indicating the locations where the functions are executed;
  • New analytic functions;
  • New examples.
September 2018 Initial release.