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Teradata® R Package User Guide

Teradata R Package
Release Number
February 2020
English (United States)
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The Teradata® R Package product combines the benefits of open source R language environment with the massive parallel processing capabilities of Teradata Vantage, which includes the Machine Learning Engine analytic functions and the SQL Engine in-database analytic functions. Teradata R Package allows users to develop and run R programs that take advantage of the Big Data and Machine Learning analytics capabilities of Vantage.

The Teradata R Package product is tdplyr, an R library package like other open source R packages. The package interface makes available to R users a collection of functions for analytics that reside on Vantage, so that R users can perform in-database analytics with no SQL coding required. Specifically, the tdplyr package provides functions for data manipulation and transformation, data filtering and sub-setting, and can be used in conjunction with open source R capabilities. Moreover, the tdplyr package conforms and works with the functions of the dbplyr package and most of the verbs of the dplyr package.

The Teradata R Package works over connections to:

  • Teradata Vantage with Advanced SQL Engine and ML Engine
  • Teradata Vantage with Advanced SQL Engine only
    For the Teradata Vantage with Advanced SQL Engine only type of connection, only Advanced SQL Engine analytic functions are accessible.

Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter

Teradata R Package is included in the Docker image of Teradata Vantage™ Modules for Jupyter, which also includes JupyterLab and other components to run as a Docker container on a client machine.

Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter allows users to access Vantage in Python, R or SQL from JupyterLab notebooks.

See Teradata Vantage™ Modules for Jupyter Installation Guide, B700-4010.