16.20 - UserOptionsB.config - Teradata SQL Assistant

Teradata® SQL Assistant for Windows User Guide

Teradata SQL Assistant
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October 2018
English (United States)
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This file contains all the options described on the Options dialog. It also contains some additional ‘state’ information such as the size and position of the Main and Query Builder windows.

This file is rewritten each time the application is shut down.

When modifying this file for use as a default file in your custom install process, you must ensure that the <LastVersion> value is set correctly. This value should be set to a number that describes the version of SQL Assistant from which you are upgrading. It is used to control any upgrade processing that occurs. In general it is safe to simply set it to a value that is less than the new version you are installing.

However, if the value is set to lower than 13.0, the application first reads the UserOptions.config file and looks in the registry to find the user’s options from SQL Assistant 12.0 (or earlier). Any options that exist for SQL Assistant 12.0 are overwritten by these registry values.

Customized files for the install process should not contain Path names for History and so forth.