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Teradata® SQL Assistant for Windows User Guide

Teradata SQL Assistant
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October 2018
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The Database Explorer Tree can be displayed at the left or right side of the main Teradata SQL Assistant window. This pane displays each of the data sources to which you are connected. It also displays data sources to which you were previously connected if you use the option to save data source information. Opening a data source displays an alphabetical list of databases on that data source. Double-click a database name to expand the tree display for that database.

Use the Database Explorer Tree to reduce the time required to build a query, help reduce errors in object names, or generate statements for a table.

Initially, the following databases load into the Database Explorer Tree:
  • The user's default database
  • The User ID that was used to connect to the database (if applicable)
  • The catalog database defined in the Vendors.config file for the database vendor (for example, “DBC” when connecting to a Teradata data source)
  • Any databases that were previously requested to be loaded for this data source
Below each database name the following folders display:
  • Tables
  • Views
  • System Tables (not for Teradata)
  • Join Indexes or Materialized Views (optional)
  • Macros (for Teradata data sources only)
  • Functions
  • Procedures