Moving the Database Explorer Tree Window - Teradata SQL Assistant

Teradata® SQL Assistant for Windows User Guide

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October 2018
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The Database Explorer Tree window operates as a separate window that can be moved around and docked to the left or right side of the parent window or can float independently.

The Database Explorer Tree also has an auto-hide feature that causes it to collapse to a bar when the mouse moves away from the window.

The following procedure describes how to move the Database Explorer Tree, and auto-hide the Database Explorer window.

  1. To move the Database Explorer tree:
    1. Click the caption bar of the Database Explorer window and drag it to a desired location.

      When the cursor is close to the left or right edge of the main window, it displays a bold outline indicating that it is ready to dock to that side. Otherwise, it floats when the mouse button is released.

      If the Database Tree and Favorites pane appear as tabs and you only want to move one of them, click on the tab itself and drag that to the desired location.

  2. To auto-hide the Database Explorer window:
    1. Click to activate auto-hide or “unpin” the Explorer Tree.
      When you move the mouse away from the Explorer Tree, the window collapses to a bar at the side of the main window. When you move the mouse over the Explorer Tree tab on the bar, the Database Explorer Tree window reopens.
    2. Click again to turn off auto-hide.