16.20 - Teradata SQL Assistant Features - Teradata SQL Assistant

Teradata® SQL Assistant for Windows User Guide

Teradata SQL Assistant
Release Number
October 2018
English (United States)
Last Update
Teradata SQL Assistant provides several key functions:
  • Creates reports from Teradata, Oracle or any Relational Database that provides an ODBC interface
  • Exports data from the database to a file on a PC
  • Imports data from a PC file directly to the database
  • Uses an import file to create many similar reports (query results or Answersets)

    For example, display the DDL (SQL) that was used to create a list of tables. For more information, see Generating Multiple Reports From a Single Query.

  • Sends queries to any supported database or send the same query to many different databases
  • Creates a historical record of the submitted SQL with timings and status information such as success or failure
  • Uses SQL syntax examples to tailor statements
  • Uses the Database Explorer Tree to easily view database objects
  • Uses a procedure builder that provides a list of valid statements for building the logic of a stored procedure
  • Limits data returned to prevent runaway queries
  • Creates charts from the returned data