Code Editor Tab Default Preference Settings - Teradata SQL Assistant

Teradata® SQL Assistant for Windows User Guide

Teradata SQL Assistant
Release Number
October 2018
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Teradata Tools and Utilities
Preference Default Description
AutoSyntax True Perform syntax coloring as you type
AutoOutline True Display expand/collapse symbols in the left margin
UpperCase False Do not convert keywords to upper case in the Query window
ShowLineNo False Do not display line numbers in the Query window
ShowMargin True Display a margin at the left of the Query window
ShowWhitespace False Do not show symbols for whitespace characters
ShowBraceMatch True Highlight start/end braces including parens, quotes, comment delimiters, and keywords such as CASE/END
ExpandTabs False Do not expand tabs (replace with spaces)
AutoIndent True Automatically indent new lines to match the line above
Intellisense False Do not display suggestions (drop-down lists) as you type
QuickInfoTips False Do not display a short description when the mouse hovers over a built-in function name
IncludeTables False Include Tables as well as Views in the suggestion lists
IncludeFunctions True Include built-in functions in the suggestion lists
LineSize 60 Format Query wraps text at first comma after column 60
TabSize 4 Tab key inserts 4 space characters in the Query Window
ColorBack White The background color in the Query window
ColorKeyword Blue The color used for Keywords
ColorFunction Blue The color used for built-in Functions
ColorDataType Blue The color used for Data Type names
ColorNumber Fuchsia The color used for Numeric constants
ColorOperator Gray The color used for Operators
ColorString Fuschia The color used for String constants
ColorComment Dark Green The color used for Comments
ColorName Maroon The color used for Object Names and aliases
ColorParam Red The color used for Parameter markers and control words (RUN)
ColorOther Black The color used for any other text in the Query window
ColorMargin Smoke The color of the left margin
ColorBookmark Cyan The color of a bookmark (in the margin)
ColorBraceMatch Black The color used to highlight braces is an average of this color and the background color
ColorChanged Yellow The color used for change bars, in the left margin, when text has been changed on that line
ColorCollapsed Gray The color used for collapsed text
ColorCurrentLine Pale Blue The color used for the background of the line where the cursor is
ColorLineNum Blue/Green The color used for line numbers in the Line Number Margin
ColorOutline Gray The color used for the outline symbols and lines
ColorSyntax Red The color used to indicate the location of a syntax error
ColorRunning Light Coral The background color of a tab while the Query is executing
TabColorComplete Pale Green The color of a non-active tab after its Query completes
TempTableColor Blue The color of a Global Temporary Table in the Database Tree
ColorExpStmtType Fuschia The color used for the Statement Type keyword of each Explain step
ColorExpName Blue The color used for object names in Explain text
ColorExpWarning Red The color used for text that might indicate a performance impact in the Explain text
ColorExpKeyword Green The color used for phrases that might be important when reading the Explain text
ColorEditAdd Pale Cream The background color of the 'Insert New' row in the Edit Table grid
ColorEditChanged Gold The background color of changed rows in the Edit Table grid
StyleComment 2 Comments appear in Italics
StyleKeyword 1 Keywords appear as Bold text
StyleFunction 0 Built-in Functions appear as regular text
StyleParam 1 Parameter markers and Commands appear as Bold text
StyleName 0 Object names appear as regular text
StyleString 0 Strings appear as regular text
StyleDataType 0 Data Type names appear as regular text
StyleNumber 0 Numeric constants appear as regular text
StyleOperator 0 Operators appear as regular text
StyleOther 0 The remaining text appear as regular text