Exporting to Access – Formats and Data Types - Teradata SQL Assistant

Teradata® SQL Assistant for Windows User Guide

Teradata SQL Assistant
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October 2018
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The following applies to exporting data to Access tables:
  • If the Access database does not exist, it is automatically created in Access 2003 format.
  • SQL Assistant can add an AutoNumber column (row number for the result set) as the first column in the export table. Specify whether this column is required using the Export tab of the Options dialog.
  • When the Access Table is created, SQL Assistant maps Teradata data types to Access data types as follows:
    Teradata Data Type Access Data Type
    Byte, SmallInt, or Integer Integer (maximum 32 bits)
    BigInt, Float, Decimal, or Numeric Float
    Date Date
    BLOB or CLOB Text (the LOB file name)
    Other (up to 255 bytes) Text
    Other (over 255 bytes) Memo
  • If the Access table already exists, the exported data either replaces or appends to it depending on whether or not you selected the Replace Table check box when specifying the table name.
    If the data is being appended, make sure the table definition matches the data being exported. The data types of the columns should match those of the select statement used in the export, with the optional addition of the AutoNumber column as the first column in the Access table.