16.20 - Viewing Your Results - Teradata SQL Assistant

Teradata® SQL Assistant for Windows User Guide

Teradata SQL Assistant
Release Number
October 2018
English (United States)
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Use the Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys as well as scroll bars to scroll through the results. Output rows can be viewed as they are being retrieved from the database.

Horizontal scrolling of the Answerset provides two separate modes, column level and pixel-by-pixel.
  • Column level mode – By default, scrolling works at the column level. That is, when you scroll right or left, it will always move so that the left edge is at a column boundary.
  • Pixel-by-pixel mode – The alternative mode is pixel-by-pixel scrolling. If the result set includes a column in which data is too wide to fit within the window, you may click in a cell within that wide column to switch to pixel-by-pixel scrolling. When you scroll right it will then scroll through the content of that column.

    To switch back to column level scrolling, simply click within a column that is narrower than the window.