15.10 - Installing Teradata Schema Workbench - Teradata Schema Workbench

Teradata Schema Workbench Release Definition

Teradata Schema Workbench
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February 2016
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English (United States)
Teradata Schema Workbench (BCD0-1903-0000) requires the following:
  1. Launch the installer using one of these methods:
    • Insert the Teradata Schema Workbench installation media.
      If the install does not automatically launch, run setup.exe to start the installation.
    • From the downloaded install package, run setup.exe to start the installation.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  4. Click Next to accept the default installation directory.
  5. Click Typical.
    Click Custom to avoid installing the Workbench Toolbox. See Customizing Install Settings.
  6. [Optional] To keep Teradata Schema Workbench 13.10 for schema migration preparation, uncheck Uninstall Previous Version(s).
    The Uninstall Previous Version(s) check box only appears if the installer detects previous version(s) of Teradata Schema Workbench.

  7. Click Install.
    When upgrading to a newer version of Teradata Schema Workbench from a previous version, such as 15.00 to 15.10, the user is given a choice to either uninstall the previous version first, or perform a side-by-side install. However, simple version updates such as to append to the existing version.
  8. Click Finish.