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Teradata Schema Workbench
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February 2016
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Release Notes
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English (United States)
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New Repository menu option An option has been added to the Repository menu to control computing table row counts on schema publish. Current Teradata OLAP Connector and Teradata OLAP Server versions (version and later) do not require row counts to be captured. This option was added to support backward compatibility with previous versions of Teradata OLAP Connector and OLAP. If you are running Teradata OLAP Client or OLAP Server version or later, it is unnecessary to enable this option.

To enable this option, from the Teradata Schema Workbench window, click Repository > Update Counts on Publish.

Installation directory No differentiation between directories is needed. The default installation directory is at the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Teradata\Client\15.10\Teradata Schema Workbench
Non Equi-Join Support specifying join conditions, other than "=", in Schema Workbench, in order to support BETWEEN clause join functionality used in Slowly Changing Dimension implementations associated with data containing date ranges.
Drill Through Enhancement Support the ability to configure additional Drill Through columns (all fact table and dimension table columns are candidates).
Measure Folders Define a named folder for calculated measure grouping and display in the client tool (e.g., Excel, Tableau, SAP BO).