12.02 - Syntax Conventions - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
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July 2016
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When you run a Command Line Interface (CLI) utility, the command is executed when you press Enter. You are not asked for confirmation.

CLI commands generally rely on a component ID or alias to identify the component that is being operated upon. The showcomponents command allows you to find Component IDs or aliases. You can also select a component in the Tree View, and then select View > Properties to display the properties for the component, including the component ID or alias.

The following general rules apply to all CLI commands:
  • Command names are case-sensitive.
  • All commands, except where noted, accept more than one Component ID or alias, separated by commas or spaces. For example, you can power on two cabinets with one command.

The following table lists the conventions used in the SMWeb command line syntax.

Object Description Examples
Command The first word or set of consecutive characters. Commands are shown in bold typeface.
  • alertutil
  • viewevents
Argument If applicable, the words that follow the command. When brackets ([ ]) are not used, the argument is required. Arguments are shown in italic typeface.
  • components
  • [components]
Parameter A word or set of consecutive characters that follows the command and any arguments. Parameters are preceded by a hyphen (-) or a forward slash (/) and are shown in bold typeface.

Partial words are acceptable, if enough letters are entered to identify the parameter. For example, -f and -file perform the same function.

  • -clear
  • -all
  • -monitor
Variable A word or set of consecutive characters that follows a parameter. Variables are shown in italic typeface.
  • sequenceNumber
  • outputFile
[ ] Brackets indicate optional arguments or a set of optional consecutive characters in a parameter.
  • [components]
  • -c[sv]
{ } Braces indicate mutually exclusive parameters.
  • {alertGUID}
  • {eventGUID}
| Vertical bars separate alternative, mutually exclusive parameters.
  • -on | -off
[,...] Indicates that the parameter can be repeated multiple times with different values.
  • -chassisID= 203,204