12.02 - Adding Connections to the Address Book - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
Release Number
July 2016
English (United States)
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  1. From the Client Connections window, click Tools > Manage Address Book. The Address Book dialog box appears.
  2. From the Content tab, click New Entry. The New Address Book Entry dialog box appears.
  3. From the Connect tab, do the following:
    1. In the Host box, type the host that you want to connect to.
    2. [Optional] Type a name for the connection. You can provide a name after you save the connection to the Address Book.
  4. Use the Terminal, Telnet, and SSH/SFTP tabs to set the rest of the options that you want.
  5. Click Ok. The Address Book dialog box appears and contains the connection entry. If you did not provide a name for the connection, the entry is named New Connection.
  6. [Optional] Click Rename to rename the connection.
  7. [Optional] Repeat these steps to add more connections.
  8. Click Ok. The connections are saved to the Address Book.