12.02 - The Telnet Tab - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
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July 2016
English (United States)
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The Telnet tab on the New Connection and New Address Book Entry dialog boxes allows you to specify Telnet options. If you are connecting to an SMP node, the Telnet server for the node must be enabled before you can make a Telnet connection.

Browse to the Telnet tab from the SMClient window: Select Tools > Client Connections Window, and then select Connection > New. Click the Telnet tab.

Option Description
Local Echo When you enter text, this setting causes the client, not the server, to echo user input.
Send CR as telnet <CR><NULL> Causes the Enter key to send a carriage return/null (0) sequence to the server instead of the carriage return/line feed sequence.
Receive data in binary mode Causes the server to send data in binary mode.
Send data in binary mode Causes data to be sent to the server in binary mode.
Escape Character Specifies the character used to escape from the current interactive session. When you enter the escape character, a command prompt displays at the terminal. The command prompt allows you to send specific Telnet commands or enter commands that change options. For more information, type help at the command prompt. When you finish, use the escape character to return to the interactive session.
Restore Defaults Resets the settings in the Telnet tab to their default values.