12.02 - Alert Properties - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
Release Number
July 2016
English (United States)
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These metrics are available for Teradata Server Management alerts. The associated property names allow you to customize alert actions in the Alert Setup portlet or customize the message in the Server Management portlet.
Metric Description Property Name
CMIC Version Version of the CMIC that forwarded the alert cmicversion
Impact Short impact statement about the problem impact
Severity Severity level of the alert:
  • Unknown
  • OK
  • Information
  • Warning
  • Degraded
  • Critical
  • Fatal
Subsystem Subsystem origin of the alert:
  • Client
  • Database
  • Network
  • Node
  • OS
  • Power
  • ServerMgmt
  • Storage
  • Other
Synopsis Short summary of the problem that includes a message ID, short synopsis, and recommendation synopsis
System System name from the summary alert, if applicable systemname

The following metrics are not available in the dialog box, but can be entered in the message included with the alert by using the property name with the syntax ${alertProperty}. These properties can also be used to customize alert actions in the Alert Setup portlet.

Metric Description Property Name
Description Message describing what occurred, including a recommendation description
Domain Source where the alert originated and, in conjunction with MessageID, uniquely identifies the type of alert domain
ID Unique global identifier (GUID) assigned to the alert id
MessageID ID identifying the rule that processed the alert and category of the alert messageid
ReportingAlias Identifies the Server Management alias of the component failing or reporting the problem reportingalias
Scope Describes the number of alert and component types involved in the alert scenario. Alert type is defined as a unique alert Domain/MessageID. scope
SiteID Teradata system that generated the alert siteid
Status Status of the alert status
Time Time and date the alert was detected time
Type Summary or alert type type