12.02 - Firmware Version Checker Columns - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
Release Number
July 2016
English (United States)
Last Update
Label Description
Component Specifies the path, default alias, or Component ID of the component, depending on the option set in the View menu on the Firmware Version Checker window:
  • Alias: The default that displays. However, if a user-defined alias exists, it displays instead.
  • Name: The path follows the hierarchy displayed in the Tree View.
  • ID: The CIM path displays.
Type Indicates the type of firmware:
  • CMIC Image (CMICs)
    The CMIC image only displays when you are comparing against the uploaded image.
  • Ethernet Switch Firmware (48-port Ethernet switches)
  • VMS Firmware (VMS)
Available Version Specifies the latest available firmware version from the uploaded CMIC image or the flashed CMIC image, depending on the display.
Active Version Identifies the firmware version currently running.
Status Indicates the relationship between the Available Version and Active Version columns:
  • OK: The firmware version installed is the currently supported version.
  • Mismatch: The firmware version installed is not the currently supported version.
  • Unknown: The firmware version is missing or unavailable.
When there is a mismatch or missing information, the following colors highlight the row:
  • Red: A more current version of the CMIC image is available.
  • Yellow: A more current version of firmware is available for all components except the CMIC image.
  • Gray: The firmware version information is missing.