12.02 - Managing Data Bundles - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
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July 2016
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Data bundles are packages of data, primarily used to diagnose problems.

Diagnostic bundles are generated by software subsystems when they detect fault conditions. Software subsystems generate alerts, which trigger the collection of diagnostic bundles, which may then be associated with a scenario in the Summary Alert Viewer.

Some device-dependent bundles, referred to as support bundles, are automatically collected from certain hardware components, such as disk array controller and drive enclosures, during fault conditions or periodically to assist in tracking hardware performance and statistics. You can set parameters in the CMIC Configuration to enable or disable support bundle collection for support devices. Support bundles that are collected during fault conditions are associated with an alert, and may be further associated with a scenario in the Summary Alert Viewer.

Data bundles of either type are automatically escalated to the TVI backend as soon as they are available.

Some bundles may be collected on demand for supported devices.

The Support Bundles command allows you to:
  • Download any existing device-specific support bundles for viewing.
  • Trigger the collection of new support bundles for the device through the Functions > Collect New Bundle command on the Support Bundles window.
The Support Bundles window lists all available support bundles stored on the managing CMIC. The system, collective, cabinet, and chassis ID for the selected component are displayed at the root of the list. The files are archived in a compressed (zipped) format. Use standard compression tools to view and extract the contents of the file.
Depending on its type, the content inside a data bundle may not be human-readable.

While the window is open, the list is updated with newly-created data bundles. The CMIC stores a maximum of ten data bundles for each component. When this threshold is reached, the oldest data bundle is deleted.