12.02 - Changing a Failover CMIC to the Active CMIC - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
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July 2016
English (United States)
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If a failed Distributed CMIC is expected to be out of service for an extended period of time, for example, while waiting for a replacement part, you can change the failover CMIC to the active CMIC, which restores full use of SMWeb.
  1. From the Tree View, select the failover CMIC.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select Functions > Manage CMIC.
    • From the toolbar, click Manage CMIC.
  3. From the Server Management Web Services web page, if prompted, log on to the CMIC.
  4. Select CMIC > System > CMIC Configuration.
  5. From the CMIC Configuration Editor, modify the Functionality line from <Functionality name="distributed" type="failover"/> to <Functionality name="distributed" type="active"/>.
  6. To save the file locally, from the toolbar, click the green down arrow.
  7. From the toolbar, click P to save the configuration to the CMIC.
If the original failed CMIC is recovered, duplicate alerts are sent home unless a maintenance window suppresses escalation. To correct, change the original failed CMIC to type "failover."