12.02 - Viewing Events - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
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July 2016
English (United States)
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The Event Viewer shows events reported by Server Management, event logs collected from nodes, and command actions. You can view all events in the system, or events for components and their subcomponents. You can open more than one Event Viewer at a time.

The Event Viewer Options dialog box does not display if you view events from the Events tab on the Main window. It also does not display if the Prompt for Event Viewer settings check box is cleared on the Options dialog box, which is available from Tools > Options on the SMClient Main window.

  1. Do one of the following to open the Event Viewer Options dialog box:
    Option Description
    Events Tab
    1. Select the Events tab.
    2. Select View > Options.
    Tree View
    From the Tree View, select one or more components and do one of the following:
    • Select Event Mgmt > Events.
    • From the toolbar, click Events.
  2. Select from the following options, then click Ok.
    Option Description
    Time Selection Select one of the following:
    • Most recent: Select and then specify the number of events to display for one component selected in the Tree View. The maximum number of events is 1,000.
      This option is not available if you select a system or collective.
    • Events for the last: Select and then specify a number between 1 and 60, as well as a time increment, to display events for one or more components.
    • Time Selection: Select and then specify a time frame to display events that occur in the time frame you specify.

    For the last two choices listed above, the maximum number is regulated by the value set in the Options dialog box. From the SMClient Main window, select Tools > Options.

    Severity Select one of the following severities to display events at the level selected and higher (meaning more severe) in the Event Viewer:
    • Fatal
    • Critical
    • Degraded
    • Warning
    • Information
    • Ok
    Event Type Filtering Select any of the following to specify the event types to display in the Event Viewer:
    • Bynet DP
    • Commands
    • Configuration Changes
    • SNMP Traps
    • Device Log
    • PSR Summary Alerts
    • Status
    • UNIX Log
    • Alerts
  3. [Optional] To configure the columns that display in the Event Viewer, click and select Configure Columns.