12.02 - Working with SMClient Commands - Server Management

Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
Release Number
July 2016
English (United States)
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SMClient commands are available from the menu bar, the toolbar, in pop-up menus, and as CLI utilities. Your user group membership determines which commands are available to you.

SMClient Menus

SMClient Menu Contains Commands to
File Exit the program
View Work with components displayed in the Tree View
Functions Administer the system and perform troubleshooting, servicing, and maintenance
Event Mgmt Monitor the system and respond to events and faults
Configuration Configure system components
Tools Diagnose problems, connect to components, and other utilities
Help Find information about the application

Pop-Up Menus

Pop-up menus contain the more frequently used commands for the selected components. When you select one or more components from the Tree View or one or more rows in some viewers, such as the Event Viewer, right-click to display a pop-up menu.
  • When you select a single component or row, the pop-up menu contains the most frequently used commands for that component or row.
  • When you select multiple components or rows, the pop-up menu contains only frequently used commands that can be performed on all the selected components or rows.