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Teradata Server Management Web Services User Guide

Server Management
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July 2016
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Teradata Server Management Web Services (SMWeb) provides the ability to monitor and administer components managed within a single server management network (that is, the server management domain) as well as the individual systems within. A system is a group of Linux nodes, associated storage, and other hardware used to host an instance of Teradata Database, an Aster Database cluster, or a Hadoop Distributed File System cluster.

SMWeb is designed to be used by on-site customer staff, Teradata Services Analysts in the Global Support Center (GSC), and Teradata Customer Service Representatives.
This guide does not apply to Teradata Database on AWS. For more information, see the Teradata Database on AWS Getting Started Guide, B035-2800.
This guide does not apply to Teradata Database on Azure. For more information, see Teradata Database on Microsoft Azure, B035-2810.
SMWeb consolidates the functionality for Server Management Client (SMClient), CMIC Web pages, Command-Line Interface (CLI) utilities, security, and other features on one home page. SMWeb interfaces display the information provided by server management. Server management consists of the server management chassis (CMIC) hardware and software (including SMWeb), and networking components that support server management operations.
SMWeb Services Home Page

Options on the SMWeb Home Page
Option Function
Server Management Client Monitor status, display events, and perform commands from a single operational view of the system.
Users and Groups Manage user and group security levels.
Command Line Interface for Linux Clients Download remote command-line interface utilities for Linux clients.
Network, Devices, and CMICs Configure the Server Management network and device management.
Virtual Management Server (VMS) Tools Display known VMs and allow users to monitor and manage them.
External Connections Configure settings for communication between server management and the service workstation (TVI) and the Viewpoint server (for Viewpoint alerting).
Browser and Server Management Clients View a list of browser, software, and hardware requirements for the current release.

Online help is available within each SMWeb option. In addition, the Help option on the home page provides links to each online help system.