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When working with Aster databases, you can designate specific schemas to be cached. Caching Aster schemas creates a schema cache file that contains the metadata for the schema. The metadata describe the schema tables, columns, constraints, indexes, Map-Reduce (MR) functions, views, and so forth.

Cached schema are associated with a Connection Profile. If you delete the Connection Profile, the Schema Cache list and any schema cache files associated with that Connection Profile are also deleted.

You can cache Aster schema and set cache properties when you:
  • Create a new Connection Profile – Select cache schemas when you create a new Connection Profile using the New Aster Connection Profile wizard. See Caching Aster Schemas.
  • Edit existing cache schema list – Modify Aster cache properties from the Data Source Explorer. See Editing Aster Cache Schema Properties.

Each cached Aster schema node in the Data Source Explorer is indicated by an "" icon.

When you connect to the Aster database and open the Schemas folder, a schema cache file is created in a background job. You can view the progress of the schema cache job in the Progress Monitor view by selecting Window > Show View > Other > General > Progress and click OK.

After you select schema to cache or edit cache and open the Schemas folder, the Serialization process occurs. To complete the caching process, you must disconnect and reconnect to the Connection Profile. You can open the Progress Monitor to view the serialization process.

About Refreshing Cache

After you create schema cache files, if you refresh the list of schemas by clicking Refresh, the cached schemas are loaded from the schema cache file. Cached schema are indicated in the Data Source Explorer view with the cache icon "" .

If new database objects are modified in the schema while being loaded from the schema cache, the modified objects do not appear in the Data Source Explorer until you refresh the schema cache.

To refresh the schema cache, right-click a cached schema and click "" . This deletes the schema cache file, launches a new background job to create a new schema cache file, and refreshes the list of schemas. The Data Source Explorer now shows the changes to the database objects. A subsequent refresh of the Schemas folder loads the schema from the schema cache file.