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Teradata® Studio™ Express User Guide - 17.20

Teradata Studio
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September 2022
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Teradata Tools and Utilities
  1. From the Data Source Explorer, right-click the database or user in which you want to search for an object.
  2. Click Teradata > Find Objects.
  3. For Search Value, enter the exact name of the object you want to find.
    The search is case-insensitive.
    To enter only a portion of the object name, click Advanced Find to open the Advanced Find dialog and specify only a portion of the object name in your search criteria. See Advanced Find Objects.
  4. Select the Object Type to specify the type of database object you are searching for.
    To search more than one object type, click Advanced Find to open the Advanced Find dialog and specify the types of objects to search. See Advanced Find Results.
  5. Click Find.
    • If you used the basic Find Object dialog box to search, the Data Source Explorer tree expands to show you the first instance of an object it finds matching your criteria.

      Press F3 to search for other objects that have the same name.

    • If you used the Advanced Find Objects dialog box to search, all results of the search are listed in a tab of the Object Viewer. See Find Results.