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When queries are executed from SQL Editor, execution status such as Number of statements processed, Number of rows returned, time elapsed, etc., appear in the Status bar, for example:

Status Bar-query execution results
When the queries are executing from SQL Editor, the start time and execution time appears in the status bar. This is useful for monitoring long-running queries.
  • StartTime: Start time of query execution in the format of HH:MM:SS (14:10:10)
  • ExecutionTime: Total time taken for query execution in the format of HH:MM:SS.MS (14:10:10.678)
Start time and execution time for selected query

The following table depicts how the start time and execution time appear in the status bar for different scenarios.

Scenario Action
  • Single/Multiple Statements for Execute All/Execute Selected Text/Execute Selected Text as Single Statement/Execute Current Text
  • Single Statement execution with Execute as Individual Statement
For both Single and Multiple statements, this will be treated as single statement and all statements will be executed in single transaction. In this case, irrespective of count of statements, single transaction Start time and execution time will be displayed.
Multiple Statements Execution with Execute as Individual Statements Each statement will be processed in single transaction so, for each statement, start time and Execution time will be displayed. Once a statement execution completed, second statement start its execution at that time, start time and execution time will be re-initialized from start.
Parameterized queries While parameterized queries executing, after parameters input only, query start time and execution time will be displayed.
Export Results to File When Export Results to File is selected, then in this case, same behavior exists as specified previously. After statements execution completed, status bar and progress dialog will be updated with transfer progress details so at this time no change in existing behavior.
Execution canceled in Middle of Execution If statements execution canceled in middle, then it will close the progress dialog and the progress window bar will be closed. This is existing functionality.