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Teradata® Studio™ Express User Guide - 17.20

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September 2022
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Use the Table Data Editor to review and edit database tables that contain Binary Large Objects (BLOBs). A BLOB is a collection of binary data stored as a single entity in a Database Management System (DBMS). BLOBs are typically images, audio, or other multimedia objects, though sometimes binary executable code is stored as a BLOB. You must edit BLOBs in the Blob Editor.

The Blob Editor displays the binary data contained in the selected Binary Large Object (BLOB) stored in a database. You can edit the data in the BLOB by:
  • Inserting binary data
  • Deleting binary data
  • Clearing the binary data in the object
  • Importing binary data from a file
  • Exporting the binary data in the object
A BLOB data object can be represented in one of three ways:
  • BLOB handle – Handle to the BLOB data in the database.
  • Snippet of data – Text snippet you edit or insert in cell.
  • Filename – For data objects over 64K, name of file that contains the data. You can edit or insert data in this file. BLOB data larger than 64K cannot be edited in the Blob Editor.