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Teradata® Studio™ Express User Guide - 17.20

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September 2022
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You can right-click rows and columns to view the actions you can perform on data. You can resize column and row widths by dragging line separators for column and row headers.

Table Data Grid

The Table Data Editor displays a grid of columns and rows. The grid rows and columns correspond to the rows and columns in the table you selected from the Data Source Explorer tree. If the table you selected contains a large number of rows, the editor automatically creates data pages which you can size using the Page Size field in the toolbar. The default is 1000 rows per page.

Actions on Columns

Right-click a column header and select an option in the list.

Option Description
Hide columns Hides a column from the Table Data grid. The column in which you right-clicked to select this option is the column that is hidden. To undo the hide, select Show all columns.
Show all columns Causes any hidden columns to re-display in the Table Data Editor.
Auto resize column Changes the column width back to the auto-set width.
Find/Replace Opens the Find/Replace dialog in which you can enter keywords to search data.
Show Values Opens the Show Values dialog in which you can specify filter rules and show only rows that meet those rules. To undo a Show Values filter result, select Reset Show Values.
Reset Show Values Resets rows to the order that existed prior to the Show Values filtering of the column data.

Actions on Rows

Right-click a row or cell and select an option from the list.

Option Description
Auto resize now Resizes rows back to the auto-set height.
Copy Copies one or more rows in the table for pasting to a data spreadsheet file; for example, Microsoft Excel.
Insert Inserts a row in the table.
Revert Reverts the rows you select by undoing your changes to that row. You are prompted to confirm the operation. Click OK to revert.
Delete Deletes the rows you select. Deleted rows are highlighted. To undo a row deletion, select the row and next select Revert.
Select Rows for Export Selects rows for export by placing an Export "" icon in all selected rows. The icon is aligned left in the first column of the row.
Clear Rows for Export Deselects rows for export. The change is indicated by the removal of the Export "" icon in the first column of the row.
Clear All Selected Rows for Export Resets all rows previously selected for export. The Export "" icon is the first column disappears.
Export Selected Rows Opens the Export Data dialog to export all data rows selected for export. Rows selected for export are marked by an Export "" icon in the first column.

Actions on Cells

Right-click a table cell and select an option from the list.

Option Description
Undo Undoes the last change.
Cut Removes the data from one or more selected table cells and retains for pasting to a different cell.
Copy Copies data you want to paste to a data spreadsheet file; for example, Microsoft Excel.
Paste Pastes data from the clipboard into selected table cell.
Delete Deletes the data in the cell.

Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the gird shows errors and Save status for the Table Data Editor.