17.10 - Component Roles During Data Loads - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

Access Module
Release Number
October 2021
English (United States)
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  • For load jobs, the sender is a customer-supplied component responsible for the following:
    • Formatting a data message that is defined by the Teradata load utility. The data message type can either be a simple text message (Type TextMessage) or a stream of bytes (Type ByteMessage).
    • Placing a data message on a specified queue or at certain destination, called a topic.
    • Sending a control message (zero-length message) to indicate the end of the message stream.
  • For load jobs, the receiver is the Teradata Access Module for JMS, which is responsible for the following:
    • Performing a JNDI lookup to retrieve JMS-administered objects from the naming space.
    • Establishing communication with the JMS provider.
    • Retrieving the data message from the queue or topic.
    • Copying the data message to a fallback file for checkpoint and restart operations.
    • Passing the data message to the Teradata load utility, which then processes and loads the data into a database.
    • Continuing to retrieve data messages from the queue or topic until a control message (zero-length message) is received, or until a timeout is received that signals the end of the message stream.