17.10 - File Format - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Reference

Access Module
Release Number
October 2021
English (United States)
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The Teradata Access Module for OLE DB creates .amj files, which are saved in an extensible markup language (XML) based text format. You can use Teradata OleLoad to view, edit, and save access module job files.

Access module job files adhere to version 1.0 of the XML specification. Binary format files created by earlier versions can be opened by the Teradata Access Module for OLE DB; however, XML-based .amj files cannot be opened with versions earlier than 02.02.00.
Some text is altered in an access module job file when the text contains illegal characters or characters that already have assigned meaning in XML. Altered text is identical to the unaltered text for all characters except for the following:
  • Less-than symbol (<)
  • Greater-than symbol (>)
  • Equal sign (=)
  • Ampersand (&)
  • All other characters for which the UTF-16 encoding of the character is not in the range [ 0x0020 – 0xd7ff ] or in the range [ 0xe000 – 0xfffd ]

Altered characters are replaced with an equal sign (=) followed by four hexadecimal digits representing the UTF-16 encoded value of the character. For example, an ampersand is replaced by =0026 because the UTF-16 encoding for an AMPERSAND is 0x0026.