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Teradata Tools and Utilities
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May 2017
English (United States)
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Resolved issues track corrections and updates to Teradata Tools and Utilities software and to documentation affected by the updates.

BTEQ Issues
Issue Description
BTEQ-15 BTEQ correctly handles Unicode-encoded Internal Stored Procedure source files for z/OS platform.
BTEQ-277 BTEQ generates a fatal error if RETRY is ON and the current session is lost in the middle of an export containing Large Data Objects.
BTEQ-11239 BTEQ generates meaningful success messages for MAP object CREATE, DROP, GRANT, and REVOKE activities.
BTEQ-11676 BTEQ uses appropriate output streams (stdout or stderr) for its messages based on their type (error, warning or informational).
BTEQ-11702 Named pipe exports are correctly opened on Solaris platforms.
BTEQ-11718 BTEQ accepts quoted file names for the AXSMOD module name parameter in the EXPORT and IMPORT commands.
BTEQ-11719 With FORMAT OFF, z/OS BTEQ uses a space for all ASA carriage control characters during backdoor dataset export.
BTEQ-11780 BTEQ correctly calculates the size for an import request message which can include non-deferred LOBs.
BTEQ-11899 BTEQ correctly handles large Unicode-encoded Internal Stored Procedure source files which take more than one segment for transfer to database.
BTEQ-12152 BTEQ does not crash upon malformed Unicode sequence in a VARTEXT data file.
BTEQ-12196 BTEQ no longer hangs when parsing an ERRORLEVEL command that has trailing extra text such as a non-terminated comment.