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Teradata Tools and Utilities
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May 2017
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This section includes key changes in system behavior made to the Teradata Tools and Utilities suite of products, as well as deprecated/removed features.
The information provided in this section is only a subset of the changes included in this release, and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all possible changes that may affect your applications.
The following table lists key changes in system behavior made to the Teradata Tools and Utilities suite of products.
Key Changes in System Behavior
Key Change Description
ODBC Driver for Teradata
ODBC-16557 Allow support for multiple driver instances (side-by-side installation) from ODBC 16.00 onwards.
  • Starting with ODBC 16.00, you can have multiple versions of the ODBC Driver installed on one machine.
  • The default driver name has been changed from "Teradata" to "Teradata Database ODBC Driver XX.YY", where XX.YY is the version of the ODBC Driver.

    For instance, the default driver name for ODBC 16.10 will be "Teradata Database ODBC Driver 16.10".

    This change in driver name affects applications that have the old driver name Teradata hardcoded in their connection strings.

  • The installation of the ODBC Driver will no longer automatically migrate DSNs. DSNs belonging to the older versions of the driver will not be converted to the newly installed version of the ODBC Driver.
Teradata System Emulation Tool
DBM-31081 Plan XML Parser used by DBQAT is enhanced to support the MapName field added in TD16.10 in Relation and Spool elements
DBM-31082 TSET 16.10 is enhanced to support the updated DBQLogTbl for the MHM feature. When DBQL XML Plans are exported from Target System and imported on a test system, the MHM feature related columns are also emulated on the test system.

TSET 16.10 captures the object definitions from TD16.10 without the MAP clause in the DDL from the Target system and recreates it on the Test system.

Captures Object's Map information, Target System's Map information and dumps them in SystemFE to enable user to emulate the MAPs on the test system. Also facilitates user to select an emulation map to emulate a target system MAP.

DBM-33116 Logs the TD16.10 help session attributes (New fields in TD 16.10 are Default Map Dictionary Name, Default Map SQL Name, Default Map UEscape, Default Override) during export, import and undo import operations.

Deprecated/Removed Features

There are no deprecated/removed features for this release.