16.10 - Key Features - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities Release Definition

Teradata Tools and Utilities
Release Number
May 2017
English (United States)
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This table lists major enhancements made to the Teradata Tools and Utilities suite of products. The enhancements include support for Teradata Database features and Teradata Tools and Utilities-specific improvements.

Not all of the enhancements in this release were made to all of the products in the Teradata Tools and Utilities suite. In the Product Information chapter, the Enhancements section for each product lists the enhancements for that product.
Key Features
Feature Description
Big Data and UDA Enabling
  • Support DBS Features:
    • MAPs
    • Adaptive Optimizer
  • TPT – Microsoft Azure Blob Access Module can be used to export data from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and to import data to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.
  • ODBC – Smart LOB (SLOB) Support
Industry Compatibility
  • Support DBS Features:
    • Kerberos Enhancements – This feature enables single sign on (SSO) support using Kerberos authentication on UNIX clients: Solaris, MacOS, AIX and HP-UX. This support already exists for Linux clients (JDBC, CLI, and ODBC) and Windows clients (JDBC, CLI, ODBC, and .NET). This feature allows centralized management of user accounts and credentials using Kerberos.
  • Ubuntu OS Support
  • JDBC – Stored Password Protection
TTU Quality/Supportability
  • Improved TTU installs
  • CLIv2 – Plugin to Wireshark
Simplicity – Ease of Use Packageless TeraGSS – TeraGSS is now embedded in client drivers and is no longer a separately installed package. This eliminates the need to install and configure the TeraGSS package on clients and the Teradata Database.

Known Issues

There are no known issues for this release.