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Teradata Tools and Utilities for CentOS Linux Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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November 2016
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Teradata Tools and Utilities
This example archives packages and dependencies that are required for the deployment of Teradata Tools and Utilities products to SUSE Linux or Red Hat Linux clients. The packages and dependencies are copied from the installation media, archived as a tar file, and compressed. The compressed archive can be copied to SUSE Linux or Red Hat Linux machines and expanded. The example assumes that you run the archiving script on a 32-bit Windows system on which tar.exe and gzip.exe are installed.
  • Run the script with linux as the value of the platform parameter:

    D:\tar_teradata_client_packages linux

    A screen similar to the following appears:
    *              Tar Teradata Client Packages v.xx.xx.xx.xx              *
    TTU Foundation
    Platform: Linux
    Default Path and Output File:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\teradata-client-linux-ttu-foundation.tar
    Hit [Enter] to accept the path: "C:\Documents and Settings\user", or input a different save directory :
    Output File "C:\Documents and Settings\user\teradata-client-linux-ttu-foundation.tar"
    ---Archiving all packages for linux.
    tar cvf "C:\Documents and Settings\user\teradata-client-linux-ttu-foundation.tar" Linux
    a Linux/mqaxsmod/mqaxsmod-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 118 blocks
    a Linux/mload/mloadxxxx-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 374 blocks
    a Linux/piom/piomxxxx-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 79 blocks
    a Linux/tdicu/tdicu-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.noarch.rpm 20564 blocks
    a Linux/fastld/fastldxxxx-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 189 blocks
    a Linux/TeraGSS/TeraGSS_redhatlinux-i386-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 12240 blocks
    a Linux/fastexp/fastexpxxxx-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 341 blocks
    a Linux/tpump/tpumpxxxx-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 478 blocks
    a Linux/npaxsmod/npaxsmod-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 272 blocks
    a Linux/cliv2/cliv2-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.x86_64.rpm 766 blocks
    a Linux/bteq/bteq-xx.xx.xx.xx-1.i386.rpm 303 blocks
    tar rvf "C:\Documents and Settings\user\teradata-client-linux-ttu-foundation.tar"
    tar: blocksize = 20
    a 282 blocks
    tar rvf "C:\Documents and Settings\user\teradata-client-linux-ttu-foundation.tar" setup.bat
    tar: blocksize = 20
    a setup.bat 1 block
    tar rvf "C:\Documents and Settings\user\teradata-client-linux-ttu-foundation.tar" MEDIALABEL
    tar: blocksize = 20
    a MEDIALABEL 1 block
    The file has been saved at :
      C:\Documents and Settings\user\teradata-client-linux-ttu-foundation.tar.gz