Uninstallation Script Usage and Parameters - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities for HP-UX Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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April 2018
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Teradata Tools and Utilities


Command Description
uninstall_ttu.sh Executes the script to remove packages
uninstall_ttu.sh priorto xx.xx.xx.xx Displays all packages before a specific version number (user will get option either remove or quit)
uninstall_ttu.sh release <15.10|16.10|version number> Removes all packages for that particular version.
uninstall_ttu.sh noremove Executes the script, but does not remove any packages
uninstall_ttu.sh nocheck Executes the script, but does not check against known Teradata Tools and Utilities packages


priorto xx.xx.xx.xx
Removes packages prior to a specified version

For example, if the packages to be installed on a system are from Teradata Tools and Utilities version 16.10, and packages prior to this version (15.10, 15.00, 14.10, 14.00, 13.10, 13.00, or 12.00) need to be removed, enter priorto The number parameter must contain all four version numbers, and can be specific enough to remove all packages before, for example, Typically the last two sets of digits would just be 00.00.

Executes the script without removing packages

This parameter can be used to test the script without removing the packages.

The package remove commands that would have been used to remove each package are displayed. This may be useful to do a test package remove without actually removing the packages, to see in what order the packages would have been removed, or to capture the commands used to remove the packages for use in another script.

Executes the script looking for packages with "Teradata" in the package name, but skipping the check against the known list of Teradata Tools and Utilities packages
This may be useful for packages the script does not know about or additional "Teradata" packages (not Teradata Tools and Utilities) that you may want to remove.
Use this parameter with care, particularly if run on a Teradata DBS node, as important Database packages could be removed.
Outputs useful debugging input to a file in /tmp/remove-tcp-debug-processid.out

This may be useful for debugging purposes. It lists the known Teradata Tools and Utilities packages, the initial list of the packages selected, and the final ordered list, and could be helpful in determining why a package was not removed.