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Teradata® Tools and Utilities for IBM z/OS Installation Guide - Teradata Director Program - 17.20

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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September 2022
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities for z/OS is available on media and by electronic download. In both cases the package is the same. To install Teradata Tools and Utilities on z/OS, you need the following two sets of software:

Software Package Description Source Usage Notes
Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) for IBM z/OS (MVS) This package contains TTU as distributed by Teradata. Your Teradata Sales Channel If you have received this TTU ESD for z/OS on media, the package can be found as the .bin file with a name starting with the Product ID in the root directory.
PPXPAND package for TTU on z/OS The PPXPAND package supplies the tool and instructions to upload patch package files to z/OS and expanding them for use with SMP/E. TSS (Teradata Software Server)  
All patch packages for TTU on z/OS These packages contain the latest updates to TTU software. TSS via your Teradata Access Portal account, or by request from your Teradata site support team.  

When installing TTU software you can prepare either DASD work data sets or a distribution tape. In the tasks that follow, select one or the other method.

The installation process consists of the following procedures:

  1. Upload and expand the TTU software package.
  2. Customize the software.
  3. Prepare and install either:
    • DASD work data sets
    • Distribution tape
  4. Clean up TTU Installation.
  5. Install TTU Patches.