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Teradata® Tools and Utilities for IBM z/OS Installation Guide - Teradata Director Program - 17.20

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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September 2022
English (United States)
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The z/OS software release package, a single binary file with an accompanying README file, is distributed on media.

The z/OS software release is also available as an electronic software download from Teradata. The installation procedure is the same in both instances. Refer to the README file.

Several procedures copy files from the release media. Leave the release media mounted while performing the procedures.

The release media typically contains six files, with a varying number of additional RELFILEs. The following table identifies each release media file by its number, name, and contents. The last column shows which utility you use to access the file.

Number Name Contents Utility
1 TTU.INFO Installation Cover Letter (README) IEBGENER
2 TTU.PROCLIB Installation, sample JCL, and procedures (procs) IEBCOPY
3 TTU.NULL Null file N/A
4 TTU.NULL Null file N/A
5 TTU.LICENSES Third Party Product Licenses Information IEBGENER
6 SMPMCS SMP/E modification control statements SMP/E
7-n TTBnnnn.Fn SMP/E package relative files (relfiles) SMP/E
The quantity of SMP/E RELFILES files differs for various releases. The files can contain:
  • Load libraries
  • Sample programs (SAMPLIB)
  • TSO CLIST library
  • Error messages
If you decide to discontinue running the new release after you have installed it, contact your Teradata Customer Service Representative before you attempt to revert to the previous release.