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Teradata® Tools and Utilities for IBM z/OS Installation Guide

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October 2018
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Define the pair of devices for the CP:

  1. On the HCD Hardware Configuration panel, select Define, Modify or View Configuration Data.
  2. On the Define, Modify, or View Configuration Data panel, select I/O Devices.
  3. On the I/O Device List panel, click Add.
  4. On the Add Device panel, specify the channel subsystem information, then press Enter. If any Control Unit connections were specified, the Device/Processor Definition panel appears and optional channel subsystem information may be specified.
    If the channel path is shared by multiple partitions, access to each CP device must be restricted to one partition. This is accomplished by entering YES in the Explicit Device Candidate List field. The Define Device Candidate List panel is then displayed, and one partition must be selected by preceding it with a slash (/). Press Enter to display the Define Device to Operating System Configuration panel.
  5. On the Define Device to Operating System Configuration panel, specify action code S to select the relevant operating system Define Device Parameters/Features panel.
  6. On the Define Device Parameters/Features panel, specify the appropriate features, then press Enter.
  7. On the Assign/Unassign Device to Esoteric panel, press Enter to return to the Define Device to OS Configuration panel without assigning any Teradata devices an esoteric name.
  8. Press Enter.