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October 2018
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If TDP uses any network communication to access the Teradata Database, the MVS Communications Server requires that you establish a full-function z/OS Unix environment. For more information, see the IBM z/OS Communications Server: IP Configuration Guide available at: http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/.

All NPs for one TDP must be associated with the same logical host id, which is defined using the Configuration Utility (described in Support Utilities [B035-1180]), specifying a Host Type Designator of 'IBM'. NPs are associated with a logical host using the Teradata Database Parallel Upgrade Tool, described by the Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) document appropriate to the Database operating system. PUT refers to NPs as "MF Network connections." When multiple Teradata Databases have logical host ids with NPs accessed by TDPs in the same MVS image, all these logical host ids must be unique.

Normal TDP operation expects that resolution of a Teradata standard format NP network name to an IP address has been defined to either the MVS local host, network Domain Name System or both. The standard Teradata form of an NP network name is database||NTCI||n[||.||domain], where:
Item Description
database Name assigned to a Teradata Database.
|| Indicates catenation without spaces. These symbols do not appear in the resulting name.
NTCI Four EBCDIC characters in either upper or lower case.
n Decimal integer ascending from 1 without any leading zeroes, unique for each NP configured in that database.
[ and ] Indicates enclosed element is optional. These symbols do not appear in the resulting name.
. EBCDIC period.
domain Any qualifiers separated by periods, needed to uniquely resolve the NP name.

For efficiency, names associated with the same database should have contiguous values for n, but to accommodate failures or maintenance, gaps of up to 10 can occur. Larger gaps will prevent use of subsequent NPs. Examples of the NP name are 'accountingdbNTCI1.widgets.com' or 'testdatabaseNTCI12'.