16.20 - Adding the TTU Repository to the YUM/apt-get Configuration on the Client - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Tools and Utilities for Linux Installation Guide Amazon Linux 2, CentOS, OEL, RedHat, SLES, Ubuntu

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November 2020
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Complete the following steps to add the TTU repository that can be accessible via an URL to YUM/apt-get configuration.
  1. Copy the mkrepo.sh file from the Bundle (available on the server) that has to be installed to the client.
  2. Make sure the TTU YUM/apt-get repository is available for download on web server.
  3. Run mkrepo.sh script as below:
    sh mkrepo.sh –u client -n <repourl>
    • -u client: Script will add the existing TTU repository to the local YUM configuration.
    • -n denotes the weburl from which YUM can download the TTU packages. Here, the assumption is that the TTU repository is available for download on the web server.
    • Example <repourl>: http://server-address/<TTU-Version> /Linux/<Arch>/<Mediatype>

    Ex: sh mkrepo.sh –u client –n http://server-address/

    Adding http://server-address/<TTU- version>/Linux|Ubuntu/<Arch>/<Mediatype>/ to YUM configuration
                   Use the following Yum repository file:
                   Filename: /etc/yum.repos.d/ttu-foundation-1620.repo
                  name=TTU Foundation 1620 i386-x8664
                  baseurl=http://server-address/<TTU- Version>/Linux|Ubuntu/<Arch>/<Mediatype>/
              Copy /tmp/ttu-foundation-1620.repo to /etc/yum.repos.d? [y/n]: y
  4. Provide “y” as input so that TTU repo will be added to YUM/apt-get configuration.
    • <TTU-Version> is the version of the TTU. Ex:
    • <Arch> is the TTU bundle-supported architectures. Ex: i386-x8664, s390x.
    • <Mediatype> is the type of the TTU media. Ex: BASE, TSME.