16.20 - About Installing Teradata Tools and Utilities - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Tools and Utilities for Microsoft Windows Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
Release Number
September 2019
English (United States)
Last Update

Installing in a different location is now fully supported. If the destination folder is changed from the default then all products will be installed in that location. If the system is 64-bit, then a folder named prefix is created for the 64-bit applications and one named ' prefix (x86)' is created for the 32-bit applications. This follows the Windows convention of Program Files and Program Files (x86).

All products should be installed using the Suite. Interactive and silent installs are supported and described in this section. Installing products outside of a Suite is not supported. This will result in failures in the TTU products.

At the end of the install, the Teradata Tools and Utilities 64-bit bin and the Teradata Tools and Utilities 32-bit bin paths will be the only paths added to the PATH environment variable.

Our products no longer depend on the PATH environment variable to find and locate the Teradata Tools and Utilities dependent libraries. However, third party applications will be able to find our shared libraries and executables via the PATH variable.

Teradata Tools and Utilities package files are digitally signed.